Road Map To Build Your Psychic Ability


It is easy to hone your psychic skills when you know how to proceed and where to look for guidance. Here is a step by step guideline that will help you develop your psychic abilities. Make sure to follow these steps and keep your psychic ability in tip-top shape.

1. Awaken Your Awareness
The first step is to understand your own self. Just like a house requires a strong foundation to stand on, your success as a psychic depends on your ability to know yourself. You must take steps to thoroughly explore your soul and try to come terms with the real you, hidden inside you. Once you have done this, you must take efforts to find your spiritual guides.

psy12. Understand Your Ability
There are different types of psychics and clairvoyants and not all of them have the same abilities. They make use of different ways and tools to receive information. So once you have awakened your inner senses, the next step is to understand how you are going to proceed. Some psychics rely on auditory signals while others depend on visual guides. You have to pick the right tools and methods for you. This step might take quite some time to work it out. But once you have established your methods, it becomes easier to proceed.

psy23. Strengthen Your Abilities
Just like muscles get strengthened with regular exercise, so does your intuition become sharpened with regular practice. Try practicing your skills on friends and family before going professional. Also, you can try practice readings in your community or neighborhood. Another way to strengthen your abilities is to pick a mentor and work with him/her for a few months. Once you learn the ropes of the practice you can begin working on your own.

Hope this article guides you in the right way to develop your psychic ability.

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Activities You Should Do Daily To Build Your Psychic Abilities


Developing your psychic ability is just like learning to drive a car. You can’t expect to drive like a pro the first time you hold the wheel. Just like learning to drive requires hours of patience and training, improving your psychic abilities also requires enormous training and practice.

Here we give you four ways to improve your psychic abilities.
Test your abilities – you can do simple tests to check out the efficiency of your abilities. Make simple predictions for the next day based on your intuitions. Make note of any colors, activities or people and write down your predictions. The next day check back and see how you fared. Sometimes you may get a few attributes right while a few may not be exact. Keep on playing with your abilities and over time you will improve your psychic intuition.

Meditate Daily – meditation is a great way to clear and free the negative energy within you. It creates a positive vibration within you and in your surroundings. This helps you to clear the path for insights. As you meditate regularly, you’ll note that insights can easily reach you.


Maintain a Journal – use a journal to record your insights and intuitions. A journal is a great way to keep progress of your improvement and also is a way to help you build your symbols. You can also have a view of your inner imbalances and keep track of areas where you lag behind. A journal is a great way to steer you on the path of psychic awareness and helps to build your ability.

Read, Read and keep on Reading – read up several sources of psychic abilities, the spiritual connection and energy flow. This is the best way to hone and polish your intuition.

Once you develop your abilities, you can then do readings more efficiently and effectively.

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A Great Exercise To Build Your Psychic Ability


Here is a simple exercise to build your psychic ability. Get fabric of similar size and texture but in different colors. You can pick these at a sewing shop or pick shawls of the same material but in different colors. You need a friend to help you with this activity. You can pick colors like blue, yellow, green, red, white, pink, black, purple and orange. If you are up for the challenge, you can also include exotic colors like silver and gold to the bunch.

Arrange all the different colored fabrics in front of you and ask your friend to mix it up. Then your friend should blindfold you and drape one fabric around your shoulder. Feel the fabric in your hands and concentrate on the energy radiated by the fabric. Tell your friend what comes into your mind like thoughts, images, word and feelings. Once you have told this, try to guess the color of the fabric. Your friend must not let you know if you guessed right or wrong.

Now repeat this exercise for the next fabric without opening your eyes.

small1Strengthen Your Psychic Muscles
The purpose of this exercise is to improve your level of awareness and to associate the energy radiated by the color and to understand what the color does to your feeling. This exercise has proved that quite often, people with psychic awareness guess the colors right.

This is a great way to help you in the training of the interpretation of colors and what they mean. Understanding the symbology of colors is difficult as colors are highly personal and the same color can mean two very different things to two people. So when you deal with a particular color in your reading, you will know what it means to you. This will help you in providing the right information to the person seeking your guidance.

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