Frequently Asked Questions about mediums


Have you ever wondered who mediums are and what they actually do? Here we give you a list of questions that are frequently asked about mediums and the answers to them.

Who / What is a medium?
A medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with the dead or those who have reached the form of spirits.

Are mediums and psychics the same?
No, mediums and psychics are two different things.
Psychics use their highly attuned intuitive awareness to catch your energy signals and give you a prediction for your future. They read energy signals that you radiate to know about your personality and the path you are traveling on.
Mediums, on the other hand, communicate with the spirits of dead people. However, most mediums are psychic and vice versa.

How does it feel when talking to the dead?
This is something that is very different from what people usually think. The conversation is often subtle and happens in the mind of the medium. The spirit does not appear in front of the medium for the conversation to take place. It actually happens telepathically.

Is it possible to communicate with the spirit of my departed loved ones?
Yes, you can talk to your loved ones who have passed away. You can talk out loud or talk in your head, whichever is comfortable for you. They can hear you talk and will respond by sending signals or by talking with you, with the help of a medium.

Is it dangerous to open a communication with the dead?
No, spirits who contact mediums are usually peaceful and want to keep in touch with their loved ones. This is not like in movies that exaggerate the aggression of departed souls.

So hope we have provided the basic answers you were looking for.

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